Monday, 29 May 2017

More from the Art Gallery ............ part 4 and metal and roof tops

We were in the City Art gallery on a near perfect day, and as the sun shone I took took some pictures.

And so I have returned to some of the pictures I took looking out across the city.

The extension to the Gallery always impresses me.

You go from the fine old building which contains many of my favourite paintings into the glass and metal area which connects to the new galleries.

It is light, bright and makes a perfect link from the old to the contemporary, but above all it is the vast areas of glass which allow you to gaze out beyond the confines of the building to all that is going on.

Now I know that photographing scenes through big windows is fairly common these days but being above the street offers an opportunity to see things in slightly different way so for that reason alone here over the next few days are a some more pictures from big windows.

And the nice thing is that the next time I go everything will be different.

Pictures; looking out on Manchester from the Art Gallery, 2015, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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