Wednesday, 2 September 2015

In the fall of 1942, building for the war effort in Ontario

I like the way photographs slowly reveal the story behind the image.

Of course that story relies on the researcher to place it in a context and so here is that tale behind the picture as told by the Orilla Museum.

"Camp 26 

In the fall of 1942 over 100 workers with the Brennan Construction Company were rushing to complete the 
building of No. 26 Canadian Basic Training Camp located north of Brant and east of Park Streets. 

Over 40 buildings were being constructed to house up to 600 men. The recruits were staying in tents behind the armories on West Street hoping to move into the new Camp by October 1st. 

In late September Brennan Construction was given a new contract to build barracks near the Brant Street camp entrance for the Canadian Women Army Corps. 

On June 1st 1943, the first CWAC’s arrived at Camp 23 including the three ladies pictured here. Up to 20 women were sent to Orillia to relieve men for act of duty. 

During the summer of 1943 the Military held a track and field day at the C.N.E. grounds in Toronto. This running team from Orillia competed against other Military Camps in Ontario. 

The names of the men in back are unknown. In the front row starting from the left are Doris Charka, F. Roberts, Evelyn Jamieson and Dot Newton."

Picture; courtesy of Orilla Museum

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