Thursday, 24 September 2015

On Barlow Moor Road in the summer of 1991

It is almost twenty five years since this picture of that stretch of Barlow Moor Road was taken.

And unlike those grainy black and white images taken in the first quarter of the last century it is at first difficult to see what has changed.

But look closely and just beyond Chorlton Park and to the north of the Brook, the Feathers is still a pub although I can’t quite remember whether this will be one of the periods when it was open or closed, the flats to the rear of McDonald’s have yet to be built and back along Mauldeth Road West there was still that expanse of green in the middle of the road dominated by the tall avenues of trees.

And that in turn meant that there was no Metro line so  a trip by public transport to Wythenshawe was a matter of choosing one of a number of different buses which seemed to take an age to get to Civic Centre.

I can’t quite make out the KFC beside the Brook and can’t remember if what was Blockbusters was still selling cycles.

So even in twenty five years there have been the odd change, and with a planning application in we may yet see the old Blockbusters disappear in the face of a combined bulldozer and crane.

Picture; courtesy of Andy Robertson

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