Thursday, 29 October 2015

A history of Chorlton in just 20 objects number 10 ....... bomb damage 1940-41

 A short series featuring objects which tell a story of Chorlton in just a paragraph and  a challenge for people to suggest some that are personal to their stories. 

Well I suppose I can be accused of cheating because here is not one object but a row of objects on either side of Claude Road.  But in a very real sense they form a whole, because they are the houses which were rebuilt after a night of air raids which also claimed the cinema on Barlow Moor Road.  Nor were they the only ones. On May 1st 1940 a direct hit on the corner of Chatsworth and Cavendish Road destroyed two houses and killed seven people. There were also fatal hits on Brantingham, Cheltenham, Scott, Torbay, and Dartmouth and on Cavendish Road on the night of May 1st 1941.

Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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