Saturday, 17 October 2015

Eltham A Pictorial History

Now it is always nice when you come across a new book on the history of Eltham.*

At which point there will be a few who point out that ELTHAM  A Pictorial History by the well known local historian Mr Kennet was published in 1995, and so does not really qualify as new.

But it is new to me, being another of the books that our Jill gave me on her recent visit north.

I haven’t checked the publisher’s catalogue but a quick search of the internet showed that it is still available and is well worth getting.

Here are chapters on the Palace, historic buildings, the pubs, church and grand houses and much more, so with Christmas not so far away I reckon it is well worth tracking down for some one’s stocking.

Picture, cover of ELTHAM  A Pictorial History

*ELTHAM  A Pictorial History, John Kennett, 1995

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