Monday, 5 October 2015

On Shooters Hill looking out across the city

I like this picture from Shooter’s Hill looking out across the sky line.

It was taken in late January in the early afternoon, just before the light began to fade.

And it is a scene I would never have known for when I was growing up  in Eltham and wandering from our house on Well Hall Road up  through the woods to gaze across London from that same vantage point none of those tall buildings existed.

So for a Londoner who has now lived more of his life in the North it is an image which sums up what has happened to the city of my birth.

That said you can still retreat into the tranquilly of the woods leaving those tall towers of commerce and bustle behind and recapture something more magical.

But before I slip any further into a nostalgic mood I shall just thank Jean and Richard for the picture and the others she took on that Saturday ably assisted by her husband.

Picture; from the collection of Richard and Jean Low, January 2014

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