Saturday, 21 November 2015

Remembering Tower Bridge

Now like many Londoners I have to say that Tower Bridge is an iconic building.

It remains an impressive piece of engineering, is instantly recognizable and brings back shed loads of memories.

For me these include waiting at the southern end for the span to come back down, along with gazing over from London Bridge and just occasionally going underneath.

In fact thinking about it I rather took it for granted which is why Ryan’s picture is all the more special because it will be a full decade since I was last anywhere near it.

That said we did come close when on a flying visit for a wedding in Eltham we lost the M25  and had to cross London on a journey that took almost as long as the trip south from Manchester.

A journey which was fraught with recriminations about whose fault it was that we had missed the motorway but compensated by the sight of Tower Bridge.

I did begin a short history of the structure which took eight years to build, went on to point out that the present colour scheme dated from 1977 and that originally it had been painted a greenish blue colour but
Tina was less than impressed reminding me that had I spotted the correct junction for the M25 we would not have had to pass the place.

All of which was perfectly true.

Picture; Tower Bridge, 2014, courtesy of Ryan Ginn

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