Saturday, 14 November 2015

The way we lived in 1949 Part 2

An occasional series showing adverts in the year I was born.
It was ten years since the last world war began and only 4 years since it ended. And reflecting on that decade Picture Post issued a special edition in which this advert appeared.
Now my father continued to add rubber soles and heals to our shoes well into the early 1960s and somewhere we still have the old last he used. Now the rubber often had to be cut to shape and the glue had a distinctive smell which I can still remember. There was even a special type of round heel which was screwed into the shoe and in theory would turn ever so slightly allowing an even wear. All of which was fine but sometimes led to the screw coming loose and falling off. This was an event that usually happened when he was working away and it fell to me to attempt repairs.
Either way it reminds me that there was a time when make and mend was still a real and common practice.
Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson


  1. Just last month I threw away a couple of 'new' packs of these from the bottom of a drawer at my late mother's house. The glue had gone off.

  2. Regretting it now, I should have taken them back, as the receipt is bound to be there somewhere.