Monday, 16 November 2015

The way we lived in 1949 Part 5

An occasional series showing adverts in the year I was born.

It was ten years since the last world war began and only 4 years since it ended.

And reflecting on that decade Picture Post issued a special edition in which this advert appeared.

Who now would dare advertise a bucket of lavatory cleaner and then suggest that the empty container could be a play toy for children?

 Another of those adverts from a time of mend and use again.

In our house it was old tins of National Dried Milk, which Dad stored everything from assorted screws to hinge brackets. I don’t remember eating the stuff but there is a site where you can read all about the product.*

Pictures; advert from the collection of Andrew Simpson, and the tin of National Dried milk by Oxfordian Kissuth, Photographer and columnist, Germany and England. And available at WIKIMEDIA Commons,


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