Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The way we lived in 1949 Part 6

An occasional series showing adverts in the year I was born.
It was ten years since the last world war began and only 4 years since it ended. And reflecting on that decade Picture Post issued a special edition in which this advert appeared.

Today it would be the computer with a printer which “would make for an ambitious man a lucrative living.” I rather think you may have had to be a little too ambitious to think that the “Adana Printing Machines [were ] for profitable pleasure,” and yet according to Wikipedia they have had a long history, “Adana Printing Machines were manufactured from 1922–1999, in Twickenham . Although most of the printing presses produced by Adana were aimed at hobby printers, they were frequently put to commercial use. Adanas are still to be found throughout the world in the hands of colleges, enthusiasts and professional printers." So there you have it my rather cyncical throwaway comment has come back to bite me.

And reminds me of my years producing work sheets information packs for students on the old spirit banda machines and the slightly more complicated gestetner printers.

Picture from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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