Friday, 20 November 2015

The way we lived in 1949 Part 8

An occasional series showing adverts in the year I was born.

It was ten years since the last world war began and only 4 years since it ended.  And reflecting on that decade Picture Post issued a special edition in which this advert appeared.

Now I am old enough to remember Bronco and similar products which were a step up from the collection of torn up newspaper which hung behind the door in the lavatory, in the yard of my grandparent’s home. It was as the Science Museum observed

“Rough on one side, shiny on the other and seemingly non-absorbent,.....[and] ...  at one time advertised with the slogan Bronco, for the bigger wipe.  Now there is a whole history attached to lavatory paper. “The continuous roll of toilet tissue with sheets we use today was patented in 1870 by the Scott Brothers in Philadelphia. The British Patent Perforated Company was one of the first British firms to produce this type of toilet tissue. Previously, toilet tissue was only sold in boxes of interleaved separate sheets. This roll has approximately 700 smooth sheets of strong paper.”
Apparently Bronco only ceased making the hard stuff in 1989 which surprised me given the soft alternative.  But then schools and colleges persisted in using the hard variety which was always bad news.
I have to say that reading the copy on this advert is to go back to a different way of selling a product when it was still thought that its merits would shine through with no recourse to gimmicks or catchy phrase.
Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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