Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Snow over the Tudor Barn, one winter's day in 2013

© Chrissie Rose
One of an occasional series which feature contemporary photographs of places with a history.

We are of course in Well Hall looking at the Tudor Barn.

The pictures were taken by Chrissie last year when the snow fell across the south.

And I have to say despite growing up in Eltham I cannot ever remember seeing the Barn like this.

So here are just two of the ones she took.  The rest can be seen on her site Just Looking, along with plenty of other pictures.

Now as you do I asked permission to reproduce them and decided that I would choose my favourite and ask Chrissie to choose hers which she promptly did.

© Chrissie Rose
Reading the forecast I see that there is cold weather to come and certainly up here in the North that might translate into snow.

Not that Manchester gets that much.  We are sheltered by the hills and it has been a while since the snow fell and stayed.

Which for me is a shame because I love the stuff and am grateful that Chrissie caught one of the places which still means a lot to me.

Pictures; the Tudor Barn, © Chrissie Rose, 2013

*Just Looking,

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