Monday, 11 January 2016

Hotel labels and holiday badges ......... how we show off where we go

Now I have been following my dad around Europe in the 1950s using the hotel suitcase labels that he collected.

They are fascinating little bits of our history and I shall close with one last one which was from Austria.

And I am minded to go looking for the hotels themselves.

But that will be for another time.

In the meantime I shall move a few decades forward and close with a series of holiday badges from the collection of Stephen Marland and in time no doubt explore these in more detail.

The badge has been around a long time but with with the arrival of those fairly inexpensive badge making machines almost any one can knock out a shed load on almost anything, from the closure of the local pet shop  to a birthday and of course a souvenir of a day by the sea.

So I shall leave you to scrutinize Stephen's collection and perhaps offer up some of your own for the blog.

Pictures; suitcase label Austria circa 1955, from the collection of Andrew Simpson and holiday  badges  courtesy of Stephen Marland

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