Friday, 22 January 2016

On the 161 heading for Well Hall and home

Some of the best photographs are the ones that leave you thinking.

Here as this 161 enters Well Hall Road on its way to Chislehurst, I am drawn by the two passengers that Jean has caught in the picture.

Now that journey from Woolwich on the 161 or 122 was a trip I must have made countless times.

For me by the time we had passed the old police station I was just minutes away from the stop just past 294 which was our house.

And like as not  I was like the woman on the lower deck, dog tired from a long shift at Glenville’s Food Factory by the Thames at Greenwich and pretty much ready for bed.

On the other hand sitting at the front on the top deck you were just alive to
all there was to see.

It started with that climb up from Woolwich with the common on the left and the military buildings to the right and once over Shooters Hill as the bus fell down towards the roundabout there were the woods, the Welcome Inn and of course in the distance the Odeon.

So little chance of dozing off with all of that to look at which pretty much is why I reckon that lady is wide awake.

Well it’s a thought anyway.

My memories of that 161 stretch on to a girl friend who lived in Chislehurst but that is another story and one for a long dark night when I reminisce with my kids about growing up in Well Hall.

Location; Well Hall, Eltham, London

Picture; from the collection of Jean Low

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