Thursday, 17 March 2016

Back with H T Burt's on Wilbraham Road with a nod to Stevenson's

I wonder how long it will be before Burt's the Gents Outfitters on Wilbraham Road fades from memory?

The shop will have opened for business not long after the stretch of houses between Keppel Road and Albany Road were converted into shops sometime around 1909.

At the same time Mr Stevenson Ladies & Gentleman's Hairdresser moved off Barlow Moor Road and took charge of a shop just a few doors down.*

Now I haven't come across a picture of Burt's but Mr Stevenson's won't be so different.

It is a shop I wrote about recently so to today I want to concentrate on H T Burt's who dealt all things gentleman's outfitters while his wife had a stationary shop almost opposite.

Mr Burt's shop operated from the corner of Keppel and Warwick and was just part of Chorlton.

But according to a TV show specialising in making over businesses it was in need of a shake up which the programme did apparently brining it into the 21st century, but to a lot of peoples' surprise it closed suddenly.

All of which I have remarked on but my friend Ann who lives in France got me thinking about the place all over again with this label commenting that she had been "looking for something else, and found this! 

Must have cut it out of some clothing of my Dads. 

He used to shop there, think they went to school together, but we're certainly friends of long standing."

So there you have it, a little bit of Burt's has come back to Chorlton and for those who have no memory of of Stevenson's it traded almost into the 21st century and the premises has had a number of uses since.

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; advert for J.R.Stevenson’s, 1908 from the Souvenir of the Grand Wesleyan Church Bazaar, 
1908, courtesy of Philip Lloyd and trade label, date unknown from the collection of Ann Love

*Almost a century of cutting hair on Wilbraham Road with the Stevenson family

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