Monday, 7 March 2016

Exploring that lost building on Barlow Moor Road

Now if like me you have wandered out of Max Speilemann’s and wondered what once stood on that bit of open land next door, Mark Flynn’s picture helps supply an answer.

Barlow Moor Road, circa 1960s © Mark Flynn
In time I will find out when it was demolished but it was there when Lilywhite Ltd were marketing their picture postcard of Barlow Moor Road sometime in the 1960s.

And it was there by 1893 but I can’t as yet find an occupant until 1909 when Evan and Robert Jones were trading as seed dealers from the building.

The rate books for the late 19th century are unclear as to who might have owned or rented it and the census returns don’t help.

That said it looks like a stables and so might just have been connected to the large house which sat in its own grounds between what are now Barlow Moor Road, Wilbraham Road and Corkland Road.

The lost building, circa 1960s
It was called Oak Bank and was there from the early 19th century if not earlier and was a fine house enough to have had plenty of outhouses including a stables.

But for now the origins of what was once the seed merchant’s business is lost to me.

I have asked my old friend Andy Robertson to go digging in his directories for the late sixties, and if it proves still to be listed then it went just before I arrived in the 1970s.

We shall see.

And that just leaves me again to thank Mark Fynn and point you to his excellent site of picture postcards for sale.*

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester

Pictures; Barlow Moor Road  circa 1960s courtesy of Mark Fynn

*Manchester Postcards,

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