Monday, 25 April 2016

Goodbye to that College in Didsbury part 13 ....... the book by Andy Pickard

Now it’s not often you get into a book, although I have to say mine was just a walk on part.

But from 1972-73 I was at Didsbury College of Education and so count as someone who was a bit of the backdrop for Andy Pickard’s book on Teacher Education at Didsbury 1946-2014.*

It is a “valediction” for a college which for “70 years has been one of the country’s premier teacher training institutions ...... [and] this book celebrates the lives of the staff and students who worked and studied at Didsbury and the contribution they made to education.

It is a social history which through the voices of the staff and students captures something of the experience of lives as they were lived on the campus.  At the same time it firmly locates Didsbury in the teacher training policies of the period while arguing for a Didsbury inheritance which the Faculty of Education can take to its new home.”**

And I was there, along with my friends, Lois, Mike and John, Miss Hargreaves my English tutor and later Nigel Cordwell and Pierre, who before they ended up at the College both worked beside me in a school in Wythenshawe.

That said I missed Dr Pickard by just a year, but met him at the farewell party for the college held in June 2014.

Back then I reflected on the closing of the College and its relocation to Hulme and now we have the story of those 70 years.

It is available from the M.M.U., at £8.99 and will soon be in local bookshops.

I have to say the cover picture intrigued me and according to Dr Pickard “is from several hundred that turned up in the library when they were clearing stuff for the move. They are now in the special collection at the MMU library. They are mostly from field trips but there is more interesting material there too”

So who knows just possibly somewhere there will be one of me, lurking behind a history book or more likely crossing the road to the Old Cock.

But if I am honest I will just be happy being one of those who the book is about.

Location; Didsbury, Manchester

Picture; from the cover of Teacher Education at Didsbury 1946-2014

*Teacher Education at Didsbury 1946-2014, Andy Pickard, M.M.U., £8.99

**from the publishers notes

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