Saturday, 28 May 2016

Looking for a glimpse of the 1970s from Piccadilly Railway Station ...... a SELNEC bus, some vanished buildings and a slice of Black Forest gateau ......... nostalgia doesn’t get any better

Now if you are of a certain age this will be a pretty familiar scene.

It is one I saw countless times as I walked down from the station towards Piccadilly Gardens.

At first glance it isn’t that different from today but the old bus in its SELNEC livery and the buildings in the far distance behind the Joshua Hoyle warehouse on the left place us sometime in the 1970s.

And if that wasn’t enough the message on the back firms up the date because it is a request to John Dees at Piccadilly Radio to play a song by John Holt who was a reggae singer from Jamaica.

What I especially like about the photograph is that it is a picture of Manchester which I can instantly relate to.

Unlike all those old faded black and white and sepia images from the beginning of the 20th century this is from my time.

If pushed I could tell you where I had been and where I was going while walking down the station approach and who I was with and even where I was living.

Of course for many looking at it today it is as remote as those old photographs from 1900.

And even for me it is a full forty and something years ago which just about sets a shiver going through me and makes me think of just how things have changed in four decades.

Back them the height of sophistication was the cassette tape, which played discreetly while entertaining friends to a meal which started with prawn cocktails, finished with Black Forest gateau and was accompanied by a bottle of Blue Nun.

The debate on the Picc-Vic underground connection rumbled on, and no one had yet got round to putting some rickety chairs on a street corner, serving up some tapas and over expensive wine and calling it cafe society.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Approach from Piccadilly Railway Station, circa 1970s, from the collection of David Harrop 

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