Saturday, 21 May 2016

The history of Eltham in a day .......... less a competition more a collective showing off

Earlier today I was reflecting on where in the twin cities of Manchester and Salford I would take my friend Susan who will be arriving from Canada in June.*

That said she is only here for a day and a bit so it will be one of those pretty “zippy, pack lots in” sort of trips of the history of my two cities.

And as you do that got me thinking of what I would want to show her if I still lived at home in Well Hall.

It would be I suppose be a mix of what I thought was the iconic with bits that were personal to me and all rounded off by an understanding that there should be some history, the odd “odd” building and more than a few places to stop and drink, eat and drink.

So in no particular order my list would have to include the Pleasuance, and the Tudor Barn, the old parish church, along with the Palace, some of the High Street pubs and perhaps the site of our very first picture house.

Of course if the walk was done properly it would have to start at the old police station at one end of Well Hall make our way by degree down past the hospital and the site of the Welcome, before standing outside our old house at 294 for a quick history of the building and  the Progress Estate.

And then another stop at the Odeon, the Pleasaunce, and station, a rather longer pause at the other end of Well Hall Road taking in that other police station, the church, old tram buildings and Burtons.

I could also throw in the site of the old Crown Woods, and Avery Hill with an option on a excursion to Woolwich on day two.

All of which leaves me just to invite other suggestions, with pictures and a bit of a reason.

Of course there are no prizes, no free invites to the new Eltham cinema when it opens and not even a fancy cake.

No, all that you will earn is a warm glow and the knowledge  that you have shared a bit of  Eltham and Woolwich with the world.

And yes the blog is read on every continent except the one where the penguins live.

So that means that our Ryan's images will be viewed over coffee in Alberta, tiramsiu in Naples, and noodles somewhere east of Beijing

Location; Eltham, Woolwich and a lot more.

Pictures; the Pleasuance, 2016, Ryan Ginn

*The history of the twin cities in a day .......... less a competition more a collective showing off,

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