Tuesday, 21 June 2016

More pictures of the Greyhound ....... once a mystery and now just a pub again

Now just a week ago Ron set me on search for this pub.  

He had come “across it in a collection of old postcards that were given to me in the mid seventies. 

They came from a dustbin! It was in the Blakeley/Harpurhey area of Manchester.

There is nothing on the back of it and using a glass I can make out Threlfall's Greyhound Hotel.

Must have been a big hotel as it has its own garage.

I'd be interested if you could find out the location and an approximate date.”

I did the usual trip of directories and maps and got nowhere.

But quick as a flash the answers came back.  Sue suggested “that I'm pretty sure that this is the Greyhound Hotel in Flixton on Church Road. 

It is now a Thai restaurant called the Village Inn" and left a picture and a link to the site Urmston Manchester.com which looks to fit the bill.

Bill Sumner came in and pretty much confirmed it.

And that only left Andy Robertson to go looking and provide this excellent set of pictures the nailed it for good.

That said the new bit of the story is just that simple observation of how things can change but there may be sufficient clues to mark out where the place was.

Picture; the Greyhound, date unknown courtesy of Ron Stubley, the Greyhound in 2016 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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