Saturday, 18 June 2016

Somewhere in Chorlton in 1929

I doubt that many of us could identify the road at first glance.

It is 1929, and the houses have been up for about forty years and are still in that first relatively  new phase before the roof and brick work need serious attention and before these family homes were divided up and given over to multi-occupancy.

Of course because it is 1929 there is not a car insight and on this sunny morning little seems to be stirring, all of which is a little deceptive as we are directly opposite the railway line  with frequent trains into Central Station and the heart of the city.

And also along this opposite side were the goods  yards where many of our coal merchants had their businesses.

All of which means it might not have been so quiet, but on this sunny morning it is hard to see what might disturb the peace and equally hard to see how today Albany Road could be left to a small boy a passerby and a woman on her knees cleaning the stone by the front gate.

Picture; from the Lloyd collection

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