Friday, 15 July 2016

One house on Barlow Moor Road over a century and a bit

Our house on Barlow Moor Road in 1904
Now I don’t usually go in for then and now pictures but today is different.

We are on Barlow Moor Road at the junction with High Lane, and I am looking at the same house over the last century and a bit.

Our first was taken by A. Bradburn in the winter of 1904, and of the three it intrigues me the most so I shall return to it later in the week.

The remaining two were taken in the May of 1959 by A.H. Downes and by me this month.

Just 55 years later in 1959
It should not be too difficult to track just when what is now 503 Barlow Moor Road gave up being a private residence or the different businesses which have occupied this and its neighbour over the years.

More than once I have found myself thinking about that first house on the corner, and when it lost the gardens to the front back and side.

In 1904 it was the home of James Chapman, was a solicitor.

He and his wife Emmie and their four children had been living at number 76 since at least 1901.

And today
James had done well for himself, for just six years earlier he had described himself as a solicitor’s clerk and the family had lived on Cranbourne Road.

But for now I shall leave you with the three images of one little bit of Chorlton.

But that is not quite it because After talking to Andy Robertson he remembered talking the same shot back in 1992 which I guess is when its time as the Microwave shop will be most familiar to many.

And in 1992
And Andy was also able to dig out that back in 1969 the shops were occupied by 503  H Morris and sons, decorators and at
505 Julia Allyson, ladies' hairdresser.

So there you ago the place continues to have a long and varied history.

Pictures; 78 [now 503] Barlow Moor Road, 1904, A. Bradburn, m17434, again 1959, A.H. Downes, m17508, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council and today from the collection of Andrew Simpson and in 1992 from the collection of Andy Robertson

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