Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Black Horse Salford ................... remembering better times

Now for anyone with fond memories of the Black Horse on the Crescent this I think is how they would want to remember it. 

The Black Horse in happier times
It was opened in 1875 and while I can’t be sure he was the first landlord Mr John Maycock was there pulling pints and offering advice in 1877 and was still there a full six years later.

And with a bit more digging I should be able to track him across the years and come up with the later publicans who ran the place.

It has fallen on hard times,  having closed around 2003 it has sat empty and forlorn ever since.

But it captured the attention of Peter Topping who set out to paint the pub in its last throws of glory.

Empty and forlorn
And not content with that he began some painstaking research looking at older images peeling back years of old paint and additions to the building.

One photograph from the 1970s clearly shows there was once an entrance on the left of the door which might have given access for the brewery’s waggons.

Another reveals that the sign above the door has had at least one major paint job which might have been the moment the pub changed its name to the Black Horse Hotel from the Black Horse Inn.

Now this I know because picked out in ceramics directly over the door is the title the Black Horse Inn, which no one bothered to hide when the painted sign was added.

When that happened is unclear.  The directories in the 1870s and 1880s just list the pub as at the Black Horse.

But I bet there will be someone who remembers and will offer up this bit of information.

Remembering it as it was
Others have already supplied me with pictures of the carved keystones above the ground floor which range from a horse head and a set of blacksmith tools to a satyr and Bacchus.

All of which must once have looked very impressive but as Andy Robertson’s picture from last year shows they and the rest of the place are in a sorry state.

So like many I will just go back to Peter’s painting and reflect on its past grandeur.

Picture; The Black Horse, 2014, from the collection of Andy Robertson, 

Painting; Back Horse, Salford © 2016 Peter Topping 


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