Thursday, 21 July 2016

Who leaves a pair of shoes below the floor boards for 140 years?

Now here is a story that has that is worth a second showing.

It first appeared in 2013, and involves a pair of Victorian shoes hidden under the floor boards of an old house.

They were found by Alan who has already lent me many picture of his grandmother who grew up and worked around Cobden Street at the beginning of the last century.

Alan’s house was built in the 1870s and so sometime after that a pair of shoes was carefully placed under the floorboards.

All of which is intriguing and reminds me of the story a few years ago of the family who found a brown paper parcel under their floor boards.

This had not seen the light of day for about seventy years and naturally the family speculated on what might be inside the brown paper.

But being mindful of history they took the parcel to the local museum and awaited what might prove a windfall.

The “treasure” could be dated by the outer wrapping which was a sheet from a daily newspaper.  It was light but firm to the touch.

The museum promised a quick response and a little over a day later the expectant family received the phone call, only to discover that the parcel contained a cheese sandwich which may have been left by a workman in the space below the floor, only to have been covered by another workman following the instructions of the boss to lay the floor boards pretty dam quick.

Such are the treasures of history.

I await further news from Alan.

Picture; courtesy of Alan.

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