Monday, 4 July 2016

Who remembers Cambolle Coiffeur?

It is the corner of Beech Road, and the shop which went under the delightful name of Cambolle Coiffeur.

 It was as I recall an old fashioned hair dressers.

The carefully arranged curtains, wooden panels and glass door fix it very much in another time.

Most us will have seen those early 20th century prints of the shop as Whitakers the grocers, and the family had been in business on this site or nearby since the 1850s. 

 A century later they were still there and had another shop off Ivy Green. But I thought instead I would like to publish this image.

It is another one of those pictures which are not too old but old enough to make the scene a little unfamiliar.

For a long time after the shop closed it stayed empty, then became rented offices before being taken over as an estate agents and reverting again to a hairdressers. During its refurbishment and transformation into offices the building lost its tiny panes of glass and reverted to something more like the original which had five large windows.

Picture; from the collection of Tony Waker

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