Saturday, 30 July 2016

Wishing you well ........... postcards from Woolwich, Greenwich and Eltham for the summer ..... nu 6 old houses Woolwich

A short series with few words looking at the postcards we sent from Woolwich, Greenwich and Eltham.

Now the caption is none too helpful and offers up just the description “Old houses Woolwich.”

But the building proved popular enough for another postcard company to reproduce a similar photograph with the more a more useful description which places them at “Free Ferry Approach.”

And according to one source was “situated on Hog Lane, later Nile Street, this timber building of fifteenth and sixteenth century origin had deteriorated into a lodging house by the time its northern half was cleared for the Free Ferry Approach during the 1880s.  Its southern half survived until 1905 when it was condemned.”*

Now I went looking for Nile Street and there it was in 1972 running into Rodney Street hard by the river and in time

Location; Woolwich

Picture; Woolwich, 1902, Tuck and Sons, courtesy of Tuck DB,

*Woolwich Through Time, Kristina Bedford

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