Thursday, 18 August 2016

A bit of history about to be revealed ........... the day Andy Robertson wandered into Eccles nu 1

Now like Andy Robertson who took the picture I am intrigued by this row of shops which are clearly late additions.

I first visited them back in April and decided on a revisit.

And here I confess I am being lazy.  I should go looking in the directories for a clue to when they were built but instead I shall wait and see if anyone can up with the answer.

It is a sort of competition but there are no prizes other than that you have added to what Andy and I know about
Liverpool Road.

And with in a couple of hours of posting the story Steve added "looking at old maps, they were still residences with front gardens in 1893 but extended buildings with no front yards in 1908."

So now I guess it will be a trawl of the local rate books to check out who owned the properties between 1893 and 1908 and track down the name of the enterprising owner or developer.

Nor was this the end because a little after 2 this afternoon Alan Owen posted these two images of Liverpool Road the first of which clearly shows the shops in the background.

I am guessing the first will be from the early decades of the 20th century and the other perhaps a bit later.

Like all old pictures the fun and the lessons are in the detail.

For all of us too young to remember the old Corporation trams there in the middle of the road are the tracks, the stone sets and much more.

Which just leaves me to thank Steve and Alan Owen and offer them star billing in the Hall of Fame.

Location; Liverpool Road, Eccles

Picture; row of shops, 2016, from the collection of Andy Robertson amd Liverpool Road a long time ago courtesy of Alan Owen

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