Wednesday, 3 August 2016

At the seaisde in 1902 with "A Dainty Fishing Maid"

A Dainty Fisher Maid, pretty much is what passed for a pin up from the seaside in 1902. 

I doubt that our young Fisher Maid was very close to the sea when the picture was taken.

But I doubt that was a major consideration for the young holidaymakers who paid the price of the card and sent it on its way to Manchester, London or Birmingham.

The comment was written in the space below.

Sadly this one was not sent, and so we will never know what was on the mind of the person who bought it or for that matter what message they might have wanted to share.

Tuck & Son who marketed the card ran a number of different "Seaside series, some a little more sedate, others full of humour and some like this.

Picture; A Dainty Fisher Maid, from the series, Seaside, 1902, issued by Tuck & Sons, courtesy of Tuck DB,

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