Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Snaps of Chorlton nu 18.............. on Needham Avenue in 1953

Now I am back with one of those family snaps of Chorlton.

Pictures like these were seldom meant to be a statement of high art just an instant reminder of a happy time.

It was sent to me by Susan Barlow who told me that two of her uncles are amongst the bunch of children caught on camera.

And I remember having similar tank tops, and v necked sleeveless jumpers, baggy shorts and grey socks with the a coloured strip.

Those of us of a certain generation will remember those long summer days which started with a game in the street unhindered by cars, moved on to an adventure in the park or on the meadows and finished at tea time with a glass of orange squash before a meal with Dad and mum.

And snaps like these are an important part of our history and so the more observant will have spotted the big pram which was large enough to take the baby, a shed load of shopping and the posher models had suspension delivered by leather straps which could be adjusted.

We bought one in the 1980s for our Joshua.

It was second hand and in the playground at Brookburn more than person claimed it had been theirs before being passed on.

And once it was no longer used for babies and the shopping its chassis offered up a DIY go cart.

Location; Chorlton

PIcture; Needham Avenue, 1953, from the collection of Susan Barlow

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