Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Duke of York on Marlborough Road ............ a pub with a history yet to be revealed

Now given its distinctive appearance you would think there would be more stories about the Duke of York on Marlborough Road.

After all Peter’s painting captures the place at its best but unless I have missed something there is little on the pub.

True there is a reference on the Joseph Holt site but as the Duke of York is a Holt’s pub that is only to be expected.

But it is confined to the simple "a beautiful Victorian Gothic building is within close proximity to Salford, Cheetham Hill and Broughton.

The Duke of York offers a traditional pub experience with darts, pool and live music nights at the weekends. 
The friendly pub also caters for the local community and newcomers are always welcome.”*

Nor does it appear on the Salford City Council page of local pubs or other sites which list pubs in the area.

Perhaps that’s because it still exists and is a bit off the usual Salford tourist haunts.

I am not yet sure when it was built but it will be after 1894 because the OS map for that year shows this stretch of Marlborough Road as undeveloped and the following year the directories still show it as unoccupied.

But just nine years later Mr Joseph Lord is pulling pints and dispensing Salford gossip.

So that pins down the date to a pretty narrow window and I am guessing the Holt’s brewery will know, so that will be my next port of call. Of course in the meantime someone may know and if they do I would welcome the information.

For one fleeting moment there was the possibility of a ghost story but that turned out to be another Duke of York in Eccles, and while there is an interior shot from the Getty Library dated 1926 it is unclear which of our two Salford pubs it is.

So that is it really.

Location; Salford

Paintings; the Duke of York, Marlborough Road, © 2015, Peter Topping,
Facebook; Paintings from Pictures, Web:

*Joseph Holt,

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