Friday, 5 August 2016

The New Oxford in Salford .............. a pub with more names than me

Now here is a pub with a history and I rather think a shed load of stories.

The New Oxford, 2015
After all according to that excellent pub site the Pubs of Manchesterthe New Oxford was originally the Town Hall Tavern beer house in the 1850s in what was then Bexley Street, it become the Court Tavern a few years later then the Amateurs Arms in 1871 when it contained a music hall.”*

Later it changed its name again to the Oxford Hotel when Wilsons Brewery acquired it and the four neighbouring shops and cottages.

There is more but for that you will just have to follow the link and read the rest of the story.

The Town Hall and the pub that became The New Oxford, 1844 
I can’t say I have been inside but Peter’s painting has certainly made me want to.

And as we get to the midpoint on the book on Manchester pubs it may well be time to go down there and sample the beer just of course in the interests of historical research and to see how better Salford pull a pint.

Location; Bexley Square Salford

Paintings; the New Oxford, Salford, © 2015, Peter Topping,
Facebook; Paintings from Pictures, Web:

Map; Bexley Square, 1844, from Manchester & Salford OS, 1844, courtesy of Digital Archive Association,

*The New Oxford, Manchester Pubs,

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