Wednesday, 10 August 2016

When we had a post office on Beech Road

Now I am never surprised at what turns up on eBay, especially when my old friend David Harrop is involved.

At Beech Road post office, 1914
So here with a little bit of our postal history is a reminder that once we had a post office on Beech Road.

During the 19th century it moved around a bit but by the end of that century was at number 109 Beech Road.

And on October 17 1914 one parcel passed through the post office.

Post woman, circa 1916
I would love to know where it was going and for that matter that was to receive it, but all we have is this section of the parcel.

In time I will check out who the sub-post master was on that day, but I think it could have been Mr Robert Chorley who was doing the business of selling stamps and all things posty three years earlier in 1911. 

The shop was also a stationers and this was clearly the primary business as on both the census for 1911 and the in the street directory he describes himself as a “Stationer and Sub-Post Master” and he was no doubt helped by his wife, Hannah Elizabeth.  T

The couple had been married for eight years and had taken over the post office sometime after 1901.

And that is about it for now.

Location Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; parcel post markings, 1914, and post woman, circa 1916, courtesy of David Harrop

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