Thursday, 29 September 2016

Memories of Chorlton from the 1960s

Wilbraham Road in 1985
Now somewhere between these two pictures of those shops on Wilbraham Road comes this delightful set of memories from Marion Jackson. 

What makes them all the more important is that it is the most recent past which often is not recorded.

“The picture of the shops opposite the Lloyd brought so many memories back. 

To me 1962 doesn't seem that long ago. I was just married, living in a flat in Whitelow Road. 

Ted Green the butcher with sawdust on the floor. 

Coupes with furniture we couldn't dream of buying.

Wilbraham Road in 1903
The ladies in Elizabeth's who rose early to do a little embroidery to start the day. 
Bentons the tobacconist with its wonderful interior. 

Gannons where later I would buy Matchbox cars with our children on the way home from school. 

And Ted and the green grocer who delivered my shopping almost as fast as I got home. 

The flat was followed by Hackness Road and then South Drive.. and I did get my carpets from Coupes.”

It is easy to let these descriptions slide and get lost and with that loss goes a little bit of Chorlton’s past.

I also remember the saw dust on the floor of butcher’s shops, collecting Matchbox cars and tradesmen who would still deliver to the door in the 1960s."

All pretty much now vanished so I hope Marion along with others will keep offering up their priceless memories.

Pictures; Wilbraham Road in 1985 courtesy of Tom McGrath and in 1903 from the Lloyd Collection

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