Friday, 30 September 2016

See better days and do better things ........ the Crown Theatre ......... the day Andy Robertson wandered into Eccles nu 3

Looking at the Crown in Eccles that line “See better days and do better things” comes to mind.

It is again a building I knew nothing about until Andy Robertson took a series of pictures.

According to that excellent site Theatre Trust “it opened in 1899 as the Lyceum Theatre. The intention was to provide a luxury theatre for Shakespeare productions and drama as well as revue.”*

In 1932 it became a cinema and lasted as such until 1963 when like so many of our picture houses it was converted into a venue for Bingo.  It is empty and in the judgement of Theatre Trust is “currently at risk.”

“Planning permission was given in 2005 – and again in 2008 – for partial demolition (retaining the facade) and development of apartments behind. 

These works have not been started, and the building remains empty and increasingly derelict. New plans for redevelopment(as residential and retail space) have been submitted in 2015.”*

But there is a campaign to save it so lets hope there are indeed better days ahead.**

Location; Eccles

Pictures; the Crown Theatre from the Eccles collection courtesy of Andy Robertson

*Theatre Trust

**Save the Crown Theatre,

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