Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Eltham’s ghost signs ........... nu 2 Mr Johnson

Now I can’t quite work out why I can’t find many ghost signs across Eltham.

These were the adverts for products, companies and businesses which have long since vanished but their hand painted signs linger on, usually on gable ends or hidden under modern signage.

There was that one on the corner of Well Hall Road and Dunvegan but I can’t remember others.

So I was pleased when Paula shared this one which has only just come out of the shadows,

It was for years hidden by a huge permanent bill board so substantial that it even had a platform and was on the side of the estate agents at the top of Well Hall Road.

And sometime between September of last year and recently that structure came down to reveal the ghost sign of “Johnson, builders & decorators merchants.”

All of which prompts me to go looking for the story of the firm which I can’t remember but I bet someone can and will be able to offer up chapter and verse and in turn offer up more ghost signs from Eltham along with Woolwich and further a field.

Location; Eltham

Picture; Eltham ghost sign Well Hall Road, 2016, from the collection of Paula Nottle

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