Sunday, 2 October 2016

Monks Hall ......... another bit of history about to be revealed........... the day Andy Robertson wandered into Eccles nu 2

So here is a place I never knew existed.  

It’s Monks Hall in Eccles and is another of those pictures that Andy Robertson took on his trip round Eccles.

And right at the outset I have confess all I know about the place comes from Salford Online and in deference to the research done by Tony Flynn .

But as I have started I shall continue, there may be links to the Tudor period and perhaps even earlier.

By the early 19th century there was a farmhouse on the spot which was modernized and extended becoming the home of a father and son medical practice.

Dr Sidley sold the property to Eccles Council in 1959 for £7,155 and it opened as a museum in 1961.

At which point I bet there will be loads of people who remember wandering around the place.

But it closed in the 1980s was briefly a restaurant from 1997 to 2002 and then stood empty and forlorn till it was ravaged by a fire.

Now I can’t claim a personal link but my mate Keith Bradley can, because one of his relatives was the footballer Billy Meredith and during Monks Hall’s time as a museum some of his memorabilia was on display there.

And before I am pulled up for missing one of the big ones, there is the Monks Hall hoard, a hoard of 6,000 medieval coins which were discovered in 1864 close to the boundary wall,

So that pretty much is that, but given my appalling lack of knowledge I bet there will be someone who tells me more.

Well I hope so.

Location; Monks Hall, Eccles

Pictures; Monks Hall, 2016, from the Eccles collection courtesy of Andy Robertson


  1. My mother used to love in Old Monks hall when my grandfather was its caretaker. My grandfather subsequently became quite friendly with L.S Lowry and my mother recounts sitting on his knee as a child. My grandfather then later became the caretaker for Longford hall when my mum was a teenager.

    My aunt had her wedding reception at monks hall when it was a restaurant harking to our families association with the old hall!

  2. I remember as a child going to Ellesmere Park School and one year there was a school painting competition and the winners prize was to have their painting hung at Monks Hall Museum. I won that prize with a painting of a wizards head in front of hills and a stream, he wore a blue pointed hat with yellow stars and a moon, the wizard was also holding a magic wand and he was smiling. I often wondered what happened to my wizard... Barbara Bennett Class 4C