Thursday, 5 April 2018

Police Stations I have known ............ and plenty more that I didn’t ............. nu 1 Patricroft Police Station

Now I think it is time for a new series on police stations.*

Patricroft, 2016
As soon as I saw this one taken by Andy Robertson yesterday I began thinking that here were a shedload of stories, and then I read the email that accompanied the pictures and Andy had come to the same conclusion.

I suspect there is a book on the subject and in particular the way that the design of police stations reflects the times.

So go back into the 19th century and those built in certain parts of our inner cities were constructed like forts.

The entrance was small, the doors heavy and very solid and the ground floor windows were small and barred. All the better in the event of a riot or attack.

By the middle of the 20th century with a more relaxed approach to policing and a greater degree of social cohesion police stations become light airy and full of windows.

And that brings me to the Patricroft police station.  It was built for the Lancashire Constabulary in the 1880s and was part of a group which were rolled around the edge of Manchester and Salford at about the same time.

Bridgewater Street, 2002
Here in Chorlton and across the city in Levenshulme there are almost identical ones, all built with that stone facing and carrying the emblem of the Lancashire Constabulary.

Now in Manchester at almost the same time we have the ones built for the City police.

Some like the very impressive one  in Ancoats did indeed resemble a fort; others like the ones on Newton Street and Bridgewater Street were smaller but also combined an ambulance yard.

So there we have it another interesting picture from Andy on his travels around Salford and another series has started.

Location, Salford & Manchester

Pictures; Patricroft Police Station, 2016 courtesy of Andy Robertson and Bridgewater Street  Police Station, 2002, from the collection of Andrew Simpson

*Police Stations,

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