Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Toys from our childhood and their stories ........ nu 1 the petrol tanker

An occasional series reflecting the toys we remember and the stories they offer up.

Now I loved this Regent petrol tanker.

Like all Dinkey toys of the 1950s and early ‘60s it was simple and sturdy, lacked the sophistication of interior detail which came later but it was magic.

It dates from November 1955 and could have been a late birthday present but was bought because my parents thought I might need cheering up.

Mother was in hospital about to have our Elizabeth and Stella and as dad was busy with work and going up to the Lambeth to the Royal Lying in Hospital they thought I must have had my nose pushed out.

I can’t remember if that was so, but I do remember the joy of playing with the petrol tanker and even the day my sisters came home.

All of which just leaves me to invite stories of special toys from anyone who cares to add a contribution

Location; the 1950s

Next; Hornby Double OO, Matchbox Cars and Airfix

Picture; Regent petrol tanker, 1955, sourced from the net

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