Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Charlton House ........ the one I always find by accident

Now I found Charlton House by accident not long after we moved to Well Hall and I had taken myself off on “an adventure.”

And over half a century later I came across this picture of the Hall and a description written in 1847.

Both come from a wonderful book called The Land We Live In.*

And it just so happens it too was an accidental discovery.

I was looking for Vol 1 which has some fine pictures of Manchester in the 1840s by the artist C W Clennell.

That volume remains elusive but instead I did find the third volume which I have to say is equally fascinating.

Amongst the chapters which cover the West Country, the Midlands and Ireland there is a section on “the Baronial Halls of Kent.”

And there was an entry on Charlton.

“At the accession of James 1. the manor was the property of the crown.  

The needy train of courtiers who followed the monarch to the rich south were clamorous for provision, and James was nothing loath to supply the necessities of his loving countrymen. Charlton he assigned, the year after his accession to the Earl of Mar.  

The nobleman sold it in 1606 to one of his countrymen, Sir James Erskine for £2,000.  Sir James, in like manner, parted with his bargain the following year for £4,500 to Sir Adam Newton, another northern knight.”

All of which smacks of the sort of deal that might just happen today for a small one bed apartment in the area.

Location; Charlton

Pictures; Charlton House and frontispiece from The Land We Live In

*The Land We Live In A Pictorial Literary Sketch Book in the British Empire 1847 Vol 3
*Ibid, page 23

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