Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Discovering more on that bomb that fell on Well Hall Road in 1916

This is one of those stories which are still as they say in the making but with the help of Tricia I think much of the lives of the family who died on Well Hall Road in the August of 1916 will be revealed.

They were the Allen family and they were living at 210 Well Hall Road when the house was almost completely destroyed by a bomb from a Zeppelin.

It was a story that has pretty much been forgotten and surfaces only as a footnote to pictures of the ruined house or in the story of the Zeppelin Raid.

Now I can’t claim much of the story.  It was Tricia who found the picture and Daniel who tracked it down to what is now 290 Well Hall Road in a neat bit of detective work.

And it was also Tricia who found the family in Surrey in 1911 and those they were buried in St John’s and she has promised to go into the Heritage Centre today and dig a bit deeper.

They may be some newspaper accounts of the bombing and an indication where they were buried in the church yard.

It may even be that the Centre holds the employment records for the Arsenal for this is where Mr Allen would have been employed.

And that will be useful for in 1911 he described himself as a domestic coachman and seven years earlier they had been in Cape Town in South Africa.

All of which means there is more to the story and in its telling I hope we will discover more about the tragic event and the family who have pretty much fallen out of history.

Picture; the house on Well Hall Road, 2015 from the collection of Daniel Murphy

*One hundred years of one house in Well Hall part 12 ........... the bomb that dropped next door, http://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2015-08-04T02:30:00%2B01:00&max-results=7

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