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Historians of Chorlton ...... John Lloyd

Written in 1990
Anyone interested in the history of Chorlton owes John Lloyd a lot. He wrote the first ever general history book on the township in 1972, and went on to publish a collection of photographs drawn from his and other people’s collections.*

Now he was not the first historian to do so. Thomas Ellwood wrote 25 articles between 1885-6 about the history of township and both John Lloyd and Ellwood relied on the earlier work of the Reverend John Booker who wrote a series of histories of the chapels around Manchester in the late 1850s.

 His History of the Chapels of Didsbury and Chorlton, Chetham Society, 1859 is a very detailed account not only of the parish church but also of Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

But neither Booker’s account nor Ellwood’s articles are easily accessible and the great value of John Lloyd’s 1972 book was that it incorporated these earlier histories with a final chapter describing Chorlton during the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Cow Lane, date unknown
Sadly the 1972 edition is out of print but his picture book has been recently reissued.

In the concluding chapter he reflected on the pleasure and challenges in writing his book and looked back to the comments of Ellwood who in the May of 1886 had written “his task had been laborious but pleasurable” adding “the present author can echo the same sentiment ........ in another half century another chronicler will be able to take today’s story into the ever unfolding record of events”

*The Township of Chorlton cum Hardy, John M. Lloyd, E.J. Morten, 1972, and Looking Back at Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Willow Publishing, 1985

Picture; article written in 1990 and published in the Reporter and Cow Lane date unknown, from the collection of Rita Bishop

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