Sunday, 20 November 2016

Looking for the man behind the book .......... Mr Jefferson and The Woolwich Story

Now I have become fascinated by Mr Jefferson who wrote a history of Woolwich which was published in 1970.

Woolwich in the 1940s
So far all I l know is that he lived in Eltham from the 1920s and was President of the Woolwich and District Antiquarian Society.

He may have been a teacher and certainly the style of his book suggests someone who was easy at communicating complicated and detailed stories of the past in a simple and direct way.

But I have made a start by joining the Woolwich and District Antiquarian Society which at £10 is a small price to pay for an entry into such an august body.

And that really for now is all I have to say other than if there is anyone who knew Mr Jefferson or has some information on him I would love to hear from them.
In the meantime I shall go and ask the Eltham Society who may also be able to help.

Location; Woolwich & Eltham

Pictures; Woolwich circa 1930s-50s, courtesy of Steve Bardrick.

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