Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bradford Power Station, east Manchester in 1976

I have to say I have fond memories of east Manchester.

We lived there for just a year from 1973 to’74 in one of the flats which had once housed the families of fireman.

Our back windows looked out on the old yard which had once held the ambulance and fire engines the rear of the Mill Street Police station.

From the front windows we could gaze over the stalls of the market to the newly built flats which at night resembled nothing less than an ocean liner all lit up on the night sky.

When we arrived they had yet to demolish the pit head structures of Bradford Colliery and our Sunday afternoon walks came up against engineering factories, steel works and Clayton Aniline.

And when we left we just exchanged a flat off Grey Mare Lane for a house in Ashton and continued to daily pass through the area for another few years.

But by 1976 I was back in south Manchester living in Chorlton and it would be a decade before I went back.  In the meantime much of that industrial landscape vanished, and now evenour block of flats is no more.

So I was pleased when Eileen gave me permission to reproduce these images of the Bradford we knew.  They speak for themselves.

Pictures;  Bradford Power Station, 1976, courtesy of Eileen Blake

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