Monday, 19 December 2016

Eltham from the pen of Llwyd Roberts ....... nu 4 the Tudor Barn Farm Offices 1930

Now I am a great fan of the work of Mr Llwyd Roberts.

He was during the 1930s our artist in residence and during that time produced a heap of line drawings of Eltham and the surrounding area.

Some were reproduced from old photographs while others  were as he saw them at the time.

This is old Brewery which  which dates from 1928 in a building which according to Mr Roberts "three farm buildings, connected with Well Hall, were built in 1586 - two years before the Armada. The building on the left, the Tudor Barn, was restored in the 1930s."

Picture; Tudor Barn Farm Offices, 1930, Llwyd Roberts

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