Sunday, 1 January 2017

A little bit of 1949 and a thank you to Mike Billington

Now I know Christmas is behind us, but in the cold bleak month of January I would still be reading the books I had been given as presents.

So for no other reason than I like the image here is the front cover of the 1949 Rupert the Bear annual.

I would be born a full ten months after this sat under a Christmas tree, but I grew up with Rupert who appeared in the Daily Express each day.

I can still remember reading the strip both at home in New Cross and on holiday in Derby with my grandparents.

In the fullness of time I got my own Rupert annuals, but this one comes courtesy of Michael Billington who shares my love of such things.

And if we should have snow during the next few weeks my thoughts will be drawn back to Rupert and his chums on the village green in the snow.

Picture; from the Rupert the Bear annual 1949, courtesy of Mike Billington.

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