Friday, 20 January 2017

An almost familiar scene of Mount Street in the heart of the city ........ just 80 years ago

Now here is a picture of the city which is at once both familiar but not familiar.

Mount Street, 1937
We are on Mount Street with Central Ref and the Town Hall Extension to our right and Central Street on the left.

So far so good, but the tram and the much darkened walls of the old Town Hall places us at a time long before now.

Given that the Town Hall extension was started in 1934, completed in 1938 and opened a year later, the date for our scene must be the mid to late 1930s.

But I can get closer because the painting comes from the book Manchester Heart of the Industrial North which I know was published in 1937.

And that will places us on Mount Street no later than 1937 and I suspect no earlier than 1936.

I first came across the book on the recommendation of my friend Angela and having looked through the book decided I had to go looking for it.

Fortunately I came across a copy at a reasonable price and that is that.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Mount Street, circa 1937, from Manchester Heart of the Industrial North, 1937

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