Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Echoes of the past ............ Higginbotham’s farmhouse and yard from the air, in the summer of 1975

Now that I seem to be in posting pictures of Chorlton from the air I thought I would go back to my old friend Tony Walker’s collection of pictures he took around 1975.*

I featured one of my favourites back in November which showed the farmhouse of James Higginbotham who farmed on the green in the 1840s, the remains of his barns and part of the parish church.

This one is of the same general area but looking at the old farm complex from the south and what I like about it is both what it tells us about the past and something about what has changed since Tony took it.
Higginbotham’s 18th century farm house stand in its own gardens.

Tony told me that the last Mr Higginbotham who was still living there in the 1960s filled in the well which stood in the smaller back garden. Something of the odd shape of the cottage can be seen from the air and the only obscured building is the diary between the tree and the extension. It faces north which means it is colder than the rest of the house and so perfect for making butter and cheese.

I like also the detail of the farm buildings which at the time were part of Walker Brother’s building and timber yard. The site including the barns, have been converted into dwellings as have the area further north which were once Sparks garages.

It always surprises me how the township has and continues to undergo so much change. Later pictures of the Bowling Green from the air.

Picture; from the collection of Tony Walker.

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