Monday, 30 January 2017

How we lived and what got us cross ............ Eltham in 1977

Nothing dates more quickly than the contemporary TV or film documentary made in the last forty or so years.

I guess it is partly the style of delivery, the antiquated technology used to make it and the scenes themselves which are often still recognisable but just look a tad odd.

And the most bizarre thing is that it will be the material made say in the 1960s, 70s and 80s which look the most dated.

That said the documentary currently going round the Eltham sites is a fascinating insight into what the area was like back then, and the growing problems of traffic congestion, and the impact of new ways of shopping.

“Part of a 1986 ILEA series called House And Home, this episode looks at the suburban town of Eltham, examining residents with sympathy but almost anthropological fascination while also looking at traffic, transport and domestic architecture. 

Talking us through Eltham life are the White family, including Mr White, who works as a policeman in Westminster: 'It’s not uncommon to be asked the time when standing under Big Ben. As a kindness we try not to look up at it.'”

It has been issued by the B.F.I. and some people may have seen an earlier short posted showing soldiers passing through Eltham during the Great War.

Picture; Eltham High Street, courtesy of Jean Gammons

* Semi-detached Suburban

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