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Lost pubs of Manchester ......... no 16 the Castle and Falcon late of Bradshaw Street

Now you won’t find the Castle and Falcon or for that matter Bradshaw Street.

Castle and Falcon, 1980s
Both disappeared in the early 1990s when the First City Crossing was built.

But for those who want to go looking both were off Shude Hill and were next to that wonderfully named street Snow Hill.

The pub was there by 1821 and the streets had been cut by 1793 as part of the swift development of the area.

One source suggests that the site of the pub had once been a woman’s prison all of which opens up some fascinating research.

The pub and Snow Hill in 1967
And if I am lucky someone will have already done the work and share it with the blog.

It is a pub I never went in and to be honest only came across through another of John Casey’s excellent photographs of the area taken in the 1980s.

The collection is a wonderful snap shot of what we have lost and sits nicely with earlier pictures from the 50s and 60s..

So rather than witter on, I shall point to the story of the pub from the excellent Pubs of Manchester and leave you with these two images from 1967 and 1958.

Looking along Bradshaw Street, 1958
The first offers up not only a fine picture of the pub but also the narrow street which was Snow Hill which ran from the corner of Bradshaw Street down to Shudehill.

The second dates from 1958 and shows more of Bradshaw Street and an example of those properties with a set of stairs leading up to the entrance and could be found around the area.

And of course what is equally fascinating it to compare the changes to the surrounding buildings which is another story.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; the Castle and Falcon; Bradshaw Street 1980s from the collection of John Casey and in 1967 by A P Morris, m49346 and in 1958, H W Beaumont, m00437, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

*Pubs of Manchester,

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