Monday, 30 January 2017

Number 73 Shude Hill sometime around 1984 ...... and the start of a story

Now I don’t remember number 73 Withy Grove and a full 33 years after John took this picture I doubt many will.

It comes from his 1980s collection of photographs of Manchester and Salford and is just the thing to start a story.*

In time I will trawl the street directories for the early 20th century and also ask my mate Andy Robertson to look up numbers 73 and 75 on his 1969 directory and then armed with names go off again to see what I can find.

In the meantime I will let you ponder on what replaced these two.

I know as well as John and Andy.

It is less a quiz and more just a bit of historical fun.

There are no prizes of course but just the pleasure in beating everyone else to the answer.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Withy Grove, Manchester circa 1984 from the collection of John Casey

*John Casey

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